TSH Testing For Thyroid Conditions

Most of the time women are advised to have advocates that consistently check on their health by carrying out several screening tests including for thyroid disease known as TSH test or thyroid hormone stimulating test.

At advanced cases of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, a perfect TSH test is done and one can either be diagnosed for any of the two. There is no perfect day to get tested for the levels of one’s thyroid hormones.

Thyroid hormone in the body is produced as a feedback loop mechanism after hypothalamus and pituitary communicates with thyroid gland at their low levels. In other cases, the thyroid hormone may be depressed even when other hormone levels are balanced, thus the TSH may not sufficiently respond to low thyroid levels

The TSH test may turn out to be normal yet in real sense there are low levels of thyroid hormone in the blood stream due to low levels of pituitary hormone thus impairing the mechanism that gives out the feedback.

Scientists reasoned that the normal range of thyroid hormone should range between 1 and 2. From research it has been shown that at 1.00 is a healthy level when THS test is done as argued by doctors while most patients feel better when the levels are between 0.5 to 2.00. However people are diverse and some did not correspond to this TSH scale with some being healthy with a more elevated reading. Some of the people who are diagnosed having abnormal thyroid activity sleep up to twelve hours in a day.

From the above test, it can be said that there may be some undetected conditions which one may be having other than the normal thyroid condition. The tests are not consistent, some days one may be hypothyroidic while other days they can be hyperthyroidic. Depending on which day they decide to get tested, they should remember to go for another confirmatory test for Hashimoto’s.


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