the thyroid secret hoax

Thyroid Secret Hoax | Thyroid Secret Scam | Thyroid Secret Bullshit

The Thyroid Secret Hoax Has No Basis In Fact

The Thyroid Secret is a solid body of carefully compiled work that outlines the complexities, specifics and reasons for thyroid disease. It is a timely work that is steeped in science, research and medical data. That said The Thyroid Secret hoax claims simply have no basis in fact. The Thyroid Secret is far from a hoax and is in fact one of the most useful documentaries ever published on the subject. It helps individuals better comprehend this frequently misunderstood disease.

The Thyroid Secret is my nine-part documentary miniseries that is intended to help people better understand the facts surrounding thyroid disease. It gives women as well as men and children a real and definitive path towards recovery. Anyone who has viewed the entire program understands that The Thyroid Secret is far from a hoax and is more valuable than perhaps any other information available on the subject. Years of research and expert analysis have produced The Thyroid Secret.

I compiled The Thyroid Secret carefully with one thought in mind. That is to provide people with a wealth of information on thyroid disease and how to handle this disease. I host the documentary series and my name is Dr. Isabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP. I have received outstanding reviews from individuals as well as doctors and others. After I was diagnosed with thyroid disease I became steadfast in my desire to find ways to overcome the symptoms of this very troubling condition.

While the symptoms may originally start out less obvious, they can quickly snowball into major life-changing symptoms that are virtually impossible to live with each day. From chronic weight gain to hair that falls out in chunks and being in a constant state of mind fog or confusion, thyroid disease is a big problem. Not surprisingly, much of the information contained in The Thyroid Secret points to chemicals, toxins and other substances in our environment as being the cause of many of today’s thyroid related conditions. Keep in mind that The Thyroid Secret hoax claims are incorrect where in fact The Thyroid Secret is a powerful tool that helps individuals overcome thyroid disease.