Supplements: Probiotics

Probiotics are recommended for people with Hashimoto’s. Probiotics helps in eliminating harmful bacteria in the gut, relieving symptoms of intestinal permeability. Other than this, there are some other causes of intestinal permeability.

Gluten also induces intestinal permeability. Studies show that discontinuing gluten intake can treat autoimmune responses.

The gut can also be permeable if the number of essential bacteria are overshadowed by harmful bacteria (opportunistic pathogens). The only unwanted effect that antibiotics have is that in as much as they eliminate injurious bacteria, they also kill useful bacteria.

There is a test called Gastrointestinal Function Comprehensive Profile – Genova kit which assesses the number of bacteria on the gut. Eating fermented foods and probiotics promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut which may help in case of Hashimoto’s.

How to Administer Probiotics

Always ensure you get the dosage right. Start with a low dose and then progressively increase the dose. Consult the local GP to test what is best suited for you. Probiotics are available in several forms but it is advised you take them in supplement form if possible.

The best probiotics in the market are MegaSporeBiotic, VSL#3, Pure Encapsulations, Probiotic 50B, and Klaire Labs Ther biotic among others.

Note that Probiotic 50B, VSL#3, and Klaire Ther-Biotic all must be refrigerated and used at room temperature so that bacteria remain feasible for a period of two weeks.

Benefits of Taking Probiotics

The main benefit of probiotics is that they help in digestion and extraction of nutrients from ingested food thus sustaining the immune system. Also, they do help in relieving some of the gut symptoms including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), which is more evident in a majority of Hashimoto’s patients( more than 50%), and can also cause leaky gut. Probiotics also treat anxiety and encourage breakdown of food. Probiotic supplements are best taken on an empty stomach so that they are taken into the blood stream much faster.


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