Supplements: Ferritin

In the formation of hair structure, ferritin plays an important role in making it fine. Ferritin is also the protein which takes part in protein storage and its deficiency may cause anemia. Discoveries have been made linking loss of hair to ferritin deficiency in premenopausal women.

Other uses of ferritin is the deployment and use of the T3 hormones in cells. There are more than one way of being deficient of ferritin other than starvation. In women, it is vital to observe the onset of hair loss since it may be an indication of ferritin deficiency.

Doctors recommend that women maintain their ferritin above 12 and 150 ng/ml for hair loss, maintaining it above 40 ng/ml will reverse it, 90-110 ng/ml will ensure your thyroid still functions as normal and finally, 70ng/ml will completely rid yourself of hair loss. Also, women are particularly at risk of ferritin deficiency because of pregnancy and menstruation. Pregnancy may make you lose up to 600-1000 mg of iron while menstruation contributes to 10-15 mg iron loss with each menstrual cycle.

For iron to be effectively absorbed it requires you have normal stomach acid that is hydrochloric acid. If you are medicated acid suppressants, less iron is thus absorbed.

When taking iron supplements such as Opti-Ferrin, you should employ caution since sometimes overdosing it is lethal and tends to be toxic.

The following concerns should be addressed when choosing a supplement:

  • Ensure that the supplement you choose does not contain synthetic extracts. If there are even minimal traces of such they can be severely injurious to health and even interfere with absorption. Synthetic additives of gluten or dairy should not be included in the supplement.
  • Choose B12 supplements containing methyl alcohol simply because they are more effective compared to cyan cobalamin.
  • Folic acid should mirror methyl folate metafolin or natural folate, especially if you have MTRH gene variation.
  • Ensure the supplements are checked for wholesomeness and they have similar contents to the indicated description

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