Supplement Successes

Supplement Successes

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

I talked about how the diet steps laid out in the Root Cause helped me avoid foods causing my thyroid problems. This cookbook helped me dial in my diet further, using the paleo diet (unprocessed foods, a diet similar to ‘ancient’ man’s) and limiting goitrogens has had me feeling right. It gives an elimination diet to start, to help remove the problem foods from your diet and includes over 100 recipes that fit. Never sluggish, never ill, it feels like I’m burning clean energy, ready to take down a mammoth.

Kettlebells and Clubs

In addition to the dietary changes, I wasn’t going to be making the progress I needed without an overhaul of my workouts. I stuck to a lot of bodyweight exercises which was a great way to develop a basic foundation of strength. I added in kettlebell and steel clubs as they are great all-body workouts. I’m not linking to anything specifically, you can find a brand/company/price that works for you. I bought my first kettlebell second hand from a sporting goods store and its

Bulletproof Coffee

I’m only human, and I gotta have my coffee. Bulletproof have a wide range of products now, but I can only attest the coffee. Drinking my coffee the bulletproof way has been a great way to get the fats I need and help keep me in ketosis. They say the bulletproof method affects mental acuity as well, and while I have been feeling sharper, I can’t speak to whether that’s solely from the bulletproof coffee or one of the many other changes I’ve been making.

Thyroid Pharmacist

And of course, the info from the Pharmacist herself. While everything else listed were steps to getting me to my current state, Dr. Wentz and her Thyroid Secret was the foundation from which I could build. Ok, that analogy is getting a little away from me, but the point is that without Dr. Wentz and her work for Hashimoto’s I wouldn’t have been able to even get past the starting line.