Supplement: Naltrexone

Low dose naltrexone or LDN is a prescription drug which can also be used on off label treatment to treat autoimmune diseases.

LDN is best used with patients affected with a leaky gut and the dose is adjusted for best results. Treatment should begin with a low dose while progressively increasing it to find the required results. Such treatment can be best achieved under the watchful eye of a compounding pharmacist.

How Naltrexone Works

Naltrexone stabilizes the immune system by increasing T-regulatory cytokines and adjusting TGF-B, curbing Th12 which facilitates autoimmunity. LDN is not a cure but can be used to suppress autoimmune reactions on the thyroid while you work to determine the cause. It can also be used to prevent drug addiction.

LDN assists antibodies in stabilizing the immune system.

How to Use LDN

LDN is not a common prescription drug since it is mostly found in compounding pharmacists; doctors don’t prescribe it commonly.

Work with a compounding pharmacist using PCCA to find the most suitable dose since the standard dose may not be effective.

There are concerns whether compounding pharmacists are precise in dosage since they dilute ingredients. Starting with doses of 1.5-4.5 mg per day is usually advised as it is efficient in increasing immune system functionality. It is also effective and less expensive medication costing $15-40 per month.

Advantages of Using LPN

LPN is effective in limiting thyroid antibodies. It also cures some symptoms using relatively lower doses. Getting off the medication is also relatively simpler. With prolonged use, you get better scores of TSH, T4, T3 and TPO levels.

Since the same dose may not work as well in all people, you should confer with your medic to find what suits you. It can also be administered in various ways therefore talk with your GP to get the best method. If one method does not work, don’t give up but explore other options.


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