Root Cause

Doctors usually treat thyroid and graves’ conditions with medication so that they disappear with time but it is up to the patient to treat future autoimmune conditions. However, treating the root cause of a disease is better than treating the symptoms.

Common root causes

The root causes can be one or many and the healing process can be quick or lengthy, therefore, the person has to deal with them accordingly. They include improper nutrition, leaky gut, sensitivities in diet, poor toxin elimination and infections.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D causes dryness and dullness of skin and people with thyroid disease usually lack it. To prevent deficiency, the person should take vitamin D supplements.


Deficiency in iron causes hair loss, dry skin, and minimal thyroid and energy productions. The person should consume iron-rich diets to keep the ferritin levels optimum.


Regular checking of this gene ensures folic acid activation is in check because low activities of the MTHFR enzyme can cause thyroid problems. Mythlfloate enzyme is a good supplement as compared to the cheap ones that can be obtained over-the-counter.

Low Stomach Acid

This affects people with Hashimotos’ and autoimmune diseases because low levels inhibits nutrient absorption, fortunately, betaine with pepsin can eliminate the problem.


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