Overview of conventional treatments of thyroid disease

The medical community has recently been employing the use of thyroid medication to lower the body’s TSH, making the thyroid rest and reduce the production of antibodies. It is important to let the thyroid sleep because, in Hashimotos’, plenty of damage makes the body have a hard time manufacturing thyroid hormones.

When there is a high rise in TSH, the thyroid works hard making the body have many symptoms. Furthermore, there is the attraction of immune cells that have the ability to upregulate an autoimmune attack on the thyroid because, the harder the thyroid works, the more visible it is to the immune system. Thyroid medication makes the thyroid to work less hence less visible and reduce antibody production. Antibody reduction is a critical component in lowering the thyroid gland autoimmune attack.


The rate of thyroid disease affecting people worldwide ranges between 10 to 20%, this is mostly in the USA and other westernized regions. In 2013-2014, Synthroid was the drug of choice. The medication is a synthetic thyroid hormone that makes symptoms go away and reduce some attacks on the thyroid since it is less visible to the immune system. Synthroid works well for many individuals, and its active ingredient is T4 that usually needs conversion to T3, which is biologically active.

For people whose body cannot convert the T4, a compound thyroid medication (T3 and T4 combination) is necessary. In the drug, some of the active hormones are pre-converted. The medicine is old but available as a generic drug.

Medications like the WP Thyroid and Amour plays a significant role in assisting patients. The medication addresses the cause of Hashimotos’, preventing other autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus from developing.

Medication can sometimes slightly suppress an autoimmune attack making the thyroid less visible. Because of this, doctors are reluctant to test for Hashimotos’ because if there is an attack on the thyroid, stopping the attack becomes a problem.


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