How often do Diabetes and Thyroid disorders co-occur?

There is a strong connection between both Type I and Type II diabetes and thyroid disorders. Approximately 30% of people with Type I Diabetes also have autoimmune thyroid disease. The risk of thyroid disease increases to almost double in people with diabetes yet about 10-20% of the general population have thyroid disorders.

Typically, patients with Type I and Type II Diabetes have low thyroid function due to unknown thyroid problems. Patients suffering from thyroid disorders and Hashimoto’s are also at risk for dysglycemia or diabetes.


Autoimmune Conditions

Studies have shown that if one has an autoimmune disease, they are likely to develop another.Hashimoto and Diabetes Type I are autoimmune diseases. Dr. Allesio Fasano described the three things that must be present for an autoimmune disease to manifest which include intestinal permeability, genes and environmental triggers such as infection and toxins. If these factors are removed, the disease progression can be slowed down or stopped completely.


 What’s causes these issues?

If someone has a leaky gut, they are at risk for getting foreign bodies and improper contents in their circulation. Apparently, this condition is present in all autoimmune diseases hence anyone with an autoimmune condition should focus on getting rid of intestinal permeability. Removing environmental triggers like nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities may help one get into remission.

These problems are common in patients with diabetes and thyroid disorders like Hashimoto’s. Most people with Type II Diabetes have low T3 levels and this may lead to altered carbohydrate metabolism since they break the equilibrium. Thyroid hormone has both anti-insulin and pro-insulin effects on different organs.

When the body has low thyroid hormone levels, it will produce more insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Studies show that 50% of patients with low thyroid hormone have impaired carbohydrate metabolism. All diabetic patients should have their thyroid hormone levels evaluated such as by having TSH test.


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