Medication taken in the right dosage together with a healthy diet and application of other interventions is necessary and can produce satisfying results. However, some individuals can reduce their medication intake and in some cases do away with it completely.

Proper medication dose

Commencing proper medication usually works best when the person accompanies it with a change in lifestyle. It makes a person feel comfortable. For instance, medication that boosts the person’s thyroid hormone production makes them feel good if previously there was low production. The medication is advantageous for a thyroid that is underactive, and when the person identifies the primary cause and treats it, he/she can do away with medication.

Things that one should know about their medication

  • Regular doctors only treat thyroid symptoms by giving out medications rather than treating the root cause of the problem.
  • About 97% of individuals taking thyroid medicines usually have Hashimotos’, nevertheless not all of them know about it.
  • When there is a failure to treat Hashimotos’, the person becomes weaker in the long run, gains mass, experience memory loss, hair loss, puffy face and their general life becomes sluggish.
  • Life increasingly becomes difficult as the body experiences pain, generating mood swings and depression.
  • The person’s (woman) fertility is at risk as well as pregnancy and can cause miscarriages, baby deformities (given birth by mothers having poorly treated Hashimotos’).
  • Hashimotos’ symptoms manifest even more when neglected; the more the lack of treatment, the more one exposes him/herself to worse symptoms and in rare cases, death.

The right medications

  • Synthroid

It is a prodrug containing T4 that is then converted to the highly active T3 thyroid hormone. Recent research has shown that people who take synthroid medication feel it is the best.

  • Combination medications

The T3/T4 medication is an example and the person needs to obtain the ratio that is specific to his or her body. The person therefore needs to find a compounding pharmacist to know the right ratio.


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