Choosing Whether to Medicate or Not

Although uncommon, taking thyroid hormone will lessen antibodies attacking the thyroid. For people to feel their finest quality, TSH should range between 0.5-2.0. Taking thyroid hormone relieves the thyroid because it over processes nutrients in an attempt to produce more hormones yet it is under attack. Thyroid hormone also alleviates the inflammation, even in thyroid-antibody positive people with normal hormone levels; hence your thyroid won’t have to overwork.

Levothyroxine (trademarked Synthyroid) contains T4 hormone but some people may also need to be medicated T3-thyroid hormone (Cytomel) to help with weight, hair and brain fog. The solution is combining T4-T3 or exclusively T3. Such can be made from naturally available medication or compounded medication in compounded treatment by the pharmacist.

There are many treatment options that can be formulated by a doctor who is well studied concerning thyroid hormones.

The Cause of Hashimoto’s

Hashimoto’s is caused when the body produces antibodies against the thyroid (it considers it as an invader) and attacking it. Consequently, the thyroid becomes destroyed and cannot produce thyroid hormone. Some of the causesare food allergies, depletion of nutrients, infections and toxins.

Research done shows that changing some aspect of your diet can be a remedy. For example transitioning to a gluten free diet can relieve some symptoms. It can also be proven that shifting your lifestyle can change how you become affected with side effects.

Research by Dr. Alessio Fassano provides three alternatives to managing Hashimoto’s; finding out what are the triggers, intestinal permeability and the right genes. Up to now it is impossible to reverse autoimmune reactions using genes, and has to be done by examining your intestinal permeability and identifying your triggers.

However, do not expect to feel healed right away as much has to be done in reviewing intestinal permeability and triggers. Several intervention measures alongside some supplements can help to heal your gut and immune deficiencies.


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