Something Was Wrong

I was always an athlete in school. Always active, playing in a half dozen sports. Now, I was midway through my 30’s and I felt all those passions die. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, or didn’t know how, I just couldn’t. It was the most confusing experience, like trying to throw a punch in a dream. So, my weight ballooned. With it, I thought, came the depression at feeling unable to take control of my life, and a whole mess of other problems. I was in a perpetual fog. I’d put on weight, find a new diet, a new pill, something to help then after less than a week I’d fall further. I couldn’t make a change, and I was afraid of where I was heading.

The Thyroid

Late one night, in the middle of another pity party, I stumbled across commenters on a fitness forum discussing the disease called Hashimoto’s. Someone was describing their symptoms (which sounded an awful lot like my own, though I still thought I was just depressed) and a person replied: “You should get your thyroid checked. It sounds like you may have Hashimoto’s.” I had never heard of Hashimoto’s before, but wasn’t the thyroid that thing older women complained about? Surely that wasn’t my problem? I was wrong.

After checking with my doctor, it was confirmed, I had hypothyroidism and now my symptoms had a face. The depression, the weight, the inability to do anything. They had a cause. “How do I fight it?” the answer that greeted me was less than ideal. “It’s manageable but you’ll live with it. I can prescribe…”

The last thing I wanted was another pill. But what choice did I have?





“How do I fight it?”



The Thyroid Secret

Another one of those late-night web surfs, now forums for sufferers of Hashimoto’s. I had been working with my doctor to dial in my prescription but nothing was working. The fog hadn’t cleared, but now I knew what was causing it. The frustration was reaching its peak as nothing seemed to be working. I had seen a name popping up more and more, Dr. Wentz. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s herself and had been working on finding methods to treat it.  It was then I came across the final piece of the puzzle. Dr. Wentz published the book The Root Cause which I picked up and devoured. Through her approach, I could begin seeing results, in faster time than the medication! Things like identifying the triggers to my own thyroid problem, finding and eliminating the foods (goitrogens, mostly cruciferous vegetables) that caused the thyroid disease to spike. Healthy means of management and fighting back, not just another pill!

Through the Thyroid Secret I was finding the tools to combat my disease in healthy, natural means. I have always been a proponent of the more natural remedies, the simpler diets, and the fitness that

If you are like me and you want a natural, healthier, and just flat out better way to defeat this disease. if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms linked to Hashimoto’s, like depression, weight gain, hair loss, low libido, and others. I urge you to go to Dr. Wentz’ site Thyroid Pharmacist and read more. It is a treasure trove of resources and can help you get your life and body back. You’ll finally be able to be the person you’ve always hoped you could be.

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